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farmerswife is always evolving. Learning from the past 22 years we have grown deep roots of experience and constantly adapted to the media industry’s needs. From these needs Cirkus was created. Cirkus, the new solution from farmerswife. The fresh way to help you and your team get work done. Forging a new path to stay connected. farmerswife's collaboration with Cirkus keeps everyone in the loop. 

Introducing farmerswife

farmerswife is our collaborative project management software enables you to organize and track project resources, plan, and control the project lifecycle, manage day-to-day tasks, create customized budgets and analyze financial performance in a practical way that drives better decisions.


Introducing Cirkus

Cirkus has been built to reflect and adapt to the way teams work and collaborate in the real world. It allows users to schedule, assign and manage projects and tasks; track status and report time; and collaborate efficiently with anyone, anywhere by coordinating resources and sharing files in one central hub.


Both tools are available as powerful standalone products but together they form a true end-to-end solution for all media project management tasks. farmerswife provides the ‘heavy lifting’ of in house schedule and resource management alongside financial reporting, while Cirkus acts as the collaboration platform to share detailed information with distributed teams both internally and externally. 

Together, farmerswife and Cirkus solve your company's needs, end to end.

Human touch

People are a big part of this evolution. Our highly experienced multilingual support team provides the bedrock on which our products can take root and flourish.

The farmerswife team has a wealth of experience supporting and implementing workflows tailored to our customers needs. 



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