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the way forward


Evolution is a long and connected path, every branch from the tree has a parallel variant that has subtly developed & diversified to create something best suited for its environment.

farmerswife is always evolving. Learning from the past 22 years we have grown deep roots of experience and constantly adapted to the media industry’s needs. 

farmerswife and Cirkus, connecting and collaborating for the benefit of both platforms - and the winner is your team!


Human touch

People are a big part of this evolution. Our experienced and responsive team provides the bedrock on which our products can take root and flourish.



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Stay in the loop

Cirkus, a new solution from farmerswife. The fresh way to help you and your team get work done. Forging a new path to stay connected. Plans and tracks it all, and keeps everyone in the loop.

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farmerswife is the proven engine for complex projects and financial management demands.

While Cirkus is an elegant and simple day to day task collaboration tool for teams.

Together, farmerswife and Cirkus solve your company's needs, end to end.